June 90 Birthday Dynamic Pilates Manly

Meet June. She is now 90 years young and a familiar face at our Manly Pilates studio.

But taking the first step and committing to her first Reformer Pilates class in March 2017 took some time.

“It took me a while to pluck up the courage to come into the studio and book my first class. I kept walking past and wondering. Then one day I just walked in.”  says June.

June needn’t have worried. She regularly gives our intermediate class a run for their money.

June is a fit lady. She has always been active, enjoying hiking and mountain walking. But surprisingly only started going to the gym when she was 69! Her late husband was a gym addict and they would both go together. At one point she attended the same gym cycle class as her husband and grandson!

June client at old studio

Photo of June at our old Manly studio location in 2017

Mat Pilates 

June’s Pilates journey began 16 years ago when she was introduced to a mat class at the Harbord Diggers gym. She instantly enjoyed it. And after six months of Pilates classes at the gym she bought a Reformer machine for her home, which she tells us was a sudden decision.

“We went to a trade show one weekend. My husband bought a cross trainer and I bought my first Reformer!”

The home Reformer worked well for 2-3 years before the couple moved house. Around the same time June had a shoulder operation and so couldn’t do Pilates for a while. Sadly, her Reformer had to go.

Then came some more injuries, a wrist break and some knee problems.  But June is now fighting fit and describes her niggles as mostly wear and tear. 

June at Dynamic Pilates


By rediscovering Reformer Pilates at our Manly Pilates studio and doing classes twice a week, June tells us she is enjoying great benefits.

“I’ve found that I have stronger muscles. I feel fitter and I have more flexibility and balance.” 

But there was a bigger drive behind starting Pilates classes again in 2017. In early January 2018 June headed off on the trip of a lifetime – a six-week trip to the Galapagos and Antarctica.

“My main motivation for all the Pilates classes is that I wanted to be able to carry my suitcase on my own…and be independent on my travels.”

This was not the first big adventure for June. In 2017 she travelled through Vietnam and Cambodia. Plus took a separate trip through Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. 

The Galapagos and Antarctica trip was a huge success and June and her suitcase continued to travel with trips to New York, the UK and the Arctic always returning to Reformer Pilates classes and her friends at the studio when home. 

Dynamic Pilates client at age 89
June at Xmas party

the dynamic Pilates experience

When asked about what she loves about Dynamic Pilates, she says

“All the instructors at Dynamic Pilates are excellent. They are small classes unlike at the gym and the instructors come round and correct you. I enjoy Gemma, Natalia and Julie’s classes and I think Julie’s music is fun!”

June says that she loves her Pilates and continues to do it because she wants to be flexible, have good balance and keep her body moving. She supplements her group classes with yoga, walking and some stretches at home too. She has also recently added regular Gyrotonic tower sessions with Nikki to her weekly fitness routine.

June is a very special member of our Dynamic family and a real inspiration to us all. She really is proof that anyone can do Reformer Pilates! 

As Joseph Pilates famously said,

We retire too early and we die too young. Our prime of life should be in the 70’s and old age should not come until we are almost 100.” and A man is as young as his spinal column.”

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