Gyrotonic’s Comes to the Northern Beaches

Dynamic Pilates Manlt Studio Pilates and Gyrotonics

To celebrate the launch of Gyrotonics in Manly (on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches) we’re offering DISCOUNTED 30-minute sessions using our new Gyrotonic® Pulley Tower Combination Unit so clients can experience the wonders of Gyrotonics®.

A bit about the Gyrotonic® Method

Gyrotonics is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. It’s a revolutionary movement system that draws from key principles of gymnastics, swimming, ballet, and yoga. It’s a unique method of whole-body movement that flows in circular and spiralling patterns to promote strength, balance, flexibility, and efficiency of movement.

FInd out more from our expert

Of course, the best way to find out more about a new movement method is to ask the experts. Dynamic Instructor Nikki Trapl is a certified Gyrotonic Expansion Method instructor so we asked her to fill us in on her experience with the Gyrotonic and why it’s so good for us via a quick Q&A..

Nikki Trapl Gyrotonics instructor interview
Dynamic Pilates Gyrotonic Tower with Instructor

Q. Where and when did you do your Gyrotonics® training?

I am qualified in three of the Gyrotonic apparatus. My training has been completed in Australia, Spain, Italy and Indonesia.

Q. Who is the Gyrotonic® Method suitable for?

Anyone of course! If you want to move, can move in any capacity and enjoy moving Gyrotonic is suitable for you!

Currently, I train weekly in Gyrotonic a client with a motor neurone disease. It is helping to slow down the declining rate of his movement function. I also train a professional dancer.

The scope is large. Gyrotonic does not discriminate against anyone’s movement capabilities. 

Q. What are the main benefits of the Gyrotonic® Method?

Suppleness, pliability, range of motion, co-ordination, tractioning creating space between joints, the lubrication and articulation of joints…. the list goes on.

Q. What is the main difference between Pilates and Gyrotonics?

Gyrotonic is more sequence based. Rather than moving into a position and then returning to an active rest or start position, Gyrotonic links positions to form a sequence. A Gyrotonic exercise will move you through several plains of direction within the one exercise you perform. Similar to how a dancer moves.

Gyrotonic Tower session Sydney
Gyrotonic Tower Sydney session

Q. What can Dynamic Pilates clients expect in a Gyrotonics tower session with you?

Like any technique there are foundational concepts and exercises that demonstrate the deeper layer of the Gyrotonic Expansion System. Therefore ‘narrowing of the pelvis’ and ‘5th line’ are taught to understand the active seated position that connects torso with lower limbs through the deep front fascial line and internal core.

Following that is the Arch and Curl series performed on the bench seat using the rotating handle units. This group of exercises focuses on spine articulation flexion, extension and spiralling three-dimensional movement of the entire spine.

The hamstring series is taught next. Using the Pully Tower laying supine on the bench feet are placed in straps. Unique to Gyrotonic (being a pulley system) is the consistency of the tension and weight. Allowing elastic recoil at end ranges to develop our Myofascial system.

There is so much more like the upper body and abdominal series and the shoulder series but that can come later… join me for a taster today to find out for yourself!

Over the weekend our regular clients were treated to a taster session with Nikki. Check out the photos of the new equipment in action!

Gyrotonic Tower private session
Gyrotonic Tower Private session at Dynamic Pilates


If you missed out, don’t worry! To celebrate the arrival of our Gyrotonic Pulley Tower to Dynamic Pilates Australia we are offering a special discounted rate of $55 for a 30 minute taster session.

Contact us to organise a Gyrotonic Taster session today!

You can read more and watch a video via the Gyrotonic® website here.

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