Easy! All you need to do is follow the simple steps in our online booking system called Mind Body. First create your account then follow the prompts to enter your details and you’re away! If you need some help then check out our quick online video tutorial for guidance.

Yes, this is mandatory for all first time class members. We need to be aware of your health and fitness levels and any prior injuries or conditional limitations in order to tailor your class and monitor you accordingly

As we’ve partnered with Mind Body to securely manage your bookings and personal information, we now have our own mobile App available to download on to your mobile phone or tablet computer. Our website contains the essential information you need to know and links to FREE downloads via iTunes and Google Play. It’s as simple as installing the app on your device and registering using your same Dynamic Pilates login email address. It’s never been easier, you’re officially out of excuses! Here are some details and setup instructions.

Manly Studio

Immediate street parking is available in Raglan Street, Pittwater Road, Kangaroo Lane, Denison Street or Whistler Street. There is also a multi-story council car park located a further block down Whistler Street heading towards Manly Wharf. Find us on Google Maps.

Don’t worry you’re not alone as we always have new clients in our Beginner classes. Prior to the start of class, our instructors confirm any new participants and ensure they’re given an overview of the Reformer Tower machine and how to use it. Furthermore in any of our classes our instructors demonstrate each exercise on the Reformer or Studio apparatus to assure participants, as this is key to correct workout posture and results. For new clients we recommend our Dynamic Beginners class where you will be introduced to Pilates postures, breathing techniques and correct muscle engagement in an environment suited to those with little to no prior experience. You’ll even find some of your fellow classmates like to discuss and share their initial thoughts and experience – an ice breaker for your next class! More information on our classes can be found on this page.

You should arrive anytime ahead of the class start time but we suggest you arrive a minimum of five minutes early. This will give you enough time to check-in, take off your shoes, get changed, chat to your instructor or get to know the other people in the class, or warm up with a few stretches. Although sometimes it can’t be helped but showing up late is disruptive to the class and is unfair on participants. If you are unavoidably late, settle in as quickly and quietly as possible, your class instructor will help where they can

If there is a class prior, you are welcome to make yourself comfortable in our studio reception areas. Once the prior class has finished you are welcome to setup your Reformer workout area and ready any equipment props you may need during class

Remember to leave your shoes, clothes and personal belongings in the pigeon holes or side of the studio and out of the way of equipment and direct workout areas. Please turn off your mobile phone or put on silent mode

We recommend you wear comfortable gym attire or your preferred workout clothing. For hygiene purposes we require all participants to wear socks during their Reformer class. We also sell our own branded Pilates Sticky Socks for $15 (socks with small rubber grip dots on the sole to prevent slipping) that improve your feel on the Reformer machine and studio floor during classes, enhancing your overall balance and stability during workouts.

Change rooms and toilets are provided but no showers at our Manly Studio. Personal belongings can be stored in the provided pigeon holes or to the side of the studio but we encourage you to leave your valuables at home or in the car

We recommend you bring a water bottle to re-hydrate, typically we find members bring the stainless steel or BPA-free plastic types. We provide dispensed cold and room temperature filtered water on all of our floors where you can re-fill your bottle at any stage.

Leave your valuables at home or in the car. If you do need to bring your phone, please turn it off or to silent mode and leave it stored away with your other belongings.

Last but not least, bring your smile! We love our positively uplifting and vibrant workout environment and want you to enjoy your time with us, while leaving all your daily stress and worries outside!

Yes, our system is completely online – we use Mind Body to manage our class booking system. All our clients create their own individual Mind Body login profile and book into their classes through our website. This enables us to securely store your personal details and to manage the number of participants in each class. To book go to our Mindbody page, or if you need some assistance creating your new login account then please check this video for step-by-step instructions.

NOTE: Mind Body uses a company called Ezidebit to process Direct Debit and Credit Card payments. Ezidebit accept Visa and MasterCard payments along with payment transfers from recognised Australian Banks. Members will see ‘EZIDEBIT‘ on their bank statement with the date the payment is taken. Members will also see the Ezidebit Debit Arrangement Terms during the new member registration process with Mind Body.

Just as we all look different to one another, we all have different length hamstrings and ranges of flexibility. Someone with tight hamstrings can partake in our classes just as much as someone who can put their head on their knees! Each participant is able to complete the same exercise and within their range of movement, the idea is that through attending more classes with us, our Pilates Method will lengthen, strengthen and enable a long, leaner you!

Traditional Pilates is focused on building strength without bulk while also improving flexibility and agility and helping to prevent injury. Its main focus is on correct posture, controlled breathing, core strength and flexibility. Dynamic is defined as energetic or forceful, something in constant change or motion. The classes offered by Dynamic Pilates Australia are undertaken on either the Pilates Reformer machine, Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel, Cadillac or Wunda Chair.

  • Reformer machines take your workout to the next level by providing additional resistance to your normal routine, on top of the same or similar techniques found in traditional Pilates, rapidly increasing tone, strength and flexibility.
  • The Ladder Barrel challenges core stability and strength for every Pilates enthusiast. This piece is designed for serious core conditioning and to increase flexibility and mobility.
  • The Cadillac, a 6 feet tall apparatus, appears like a four post bed and has all the bells and whistles required for an alternate, anti-gravity workout that features leg springs, arm springs, fuzzy loops to hang from, a push-through bar to stretch out and even a trapeze!
  • The Wunda Chair simply consists of a seat and a pedal with connected springs that cater for adjustment of resistance, suiting any need from post-rehabilitation to athletic conditioning.

Our Manly studio offer group Reformer Tower and Studio Pilates while also playing host for BASI Pilates Instructor Training. Private, Duet and Semi-Private sessions are available at all three studios utilising some or all of the before-mentioned equipment.

There isn’t a maximum age to participate in our classes but we recommend no younger than 16 years old unless accompanied by a parent or guardian

We recommend 2-3 times per week on average to give yourself the greatest opportunity to maximise results, or if you can only attend once a week that’s better than nothing at all. Like anything, the more you practice the sooner you will see those results! A consistent approach to your Pilates is the key!

Of course! We love meeting new faces and introducing everyone to Pilates – the more, the merrier! But just be sure to check class availability online or call first if you plan to bring a friend or family member, we’d be sad if they had to sit on the sideline and watch!

We love to give back to our members so if you enjoy our classes, spread the word!

Prices vary depending on our Reformer Tower classes, Private, Duet or Semi-Private Sessions. We also find everyone has different needs for their weekly Pilates workouts. We recommend you browse our Prices page to see what option suits you best

We run a cashless system in our studios to keep things easy in the modern day. If you’re a new client, please register via our website with Mind Body, our secure client and booking management system, and pay for your first class online. Existing clients can login and purchase classes and session packs via our website. Any further questions please contact us

This won’t be an issue. By including these details on your pre-exercise questionnaire and by policy our instructors asking participants prior to the start of any class, we’ll be able to tailor your workout to suit your injury or condition, often substituting an exercise posture with an alternative. An alternative doesn’t necessarily mean you’re missing out, it allows you to work a supplementary muscle group instead, giving you the same effective results. If you have less range of motion then do less to avoid exacerbating the problem, and remember there is always a solution for you but listen carefully to your body as it is your best judge, so don’t overexert yourself and always workout within your means

Ezidebit is the Australian company that we use to process Direct Debit and Credit Card payments. Ezidebit accept Visa and MasterCard payments along with payment transfers from recognised Australian Banks.

Members will see ‘EZIDEBIT‘ on their bank statement with the date the payment is taken.

Members will also see the Ezidebit Debit Arrangement Terms during the new member registration process with Mind Body, the secure Customer Records and Financial Management System affiliated with Ezidebit being used by Dynamic Pilates

Absolutely. Our Manly studio has a separate toilet change room. 

You may leave your clothes and personal belongings in the provided pigeon holes, cupboards or off to the sides of the studio but we encourage you to leave your valuables at home or in the car.

We operate clean and hygienic studios and require class participants to spend a few minutes wiping down their Reformer machine (and any equipment used) with the anti-bacterial wipes provided in the wall dispensers. On the Reformer machine place straps back onto their holders, tension springs disengaged, foot bar up, headrest down and any equipment placed neatly underneath ready for next use. We like to know that clients leave their equipment just as they would expect to find it. You may also wish to stay back and discuss your Pilates with your instructor (time permitting), or chat with your fellow classmates and lock in plans for future classes.

Lastly, have a sip of water to re-hydrate and cool down. Reflect on the invaluable workout you’ve just completed and identify focus areas for next time!

Manly Studio See inside our stylish and plush Manly Beach studio, featuring BASI Systems Reformer and Studio Pilates as well as BASI Instructor Accreditation

Mum’s love to bring their beautiful babies along to our Mum’s & Bub’s class at our Manly studio. We do suggest to our mum’s they bring a blanket for their baby to lie on and perhaps a small toy for them to play with while the class is running, even better if they’re sleeping for the duration of the class. Prams are welcome inside the studio and can be left at the front/side of the class. Should your baby require seeing to during a class then this determines how much of a workout you’ll receive, its normal for our mum’s to be juggling both! If your baby needs changing, feeding, settling or putting to sleep, we understand its your responsibility to attend to their needs, and you’re welcome to do all of this within the studio and encourage you to join back in when you can.

We love seeing Mum’s to get back into their fitness but only once given the ‘all clear’ from their GP/Dr. If you’re not sure when to get back into Pilates please consult your GP/Dr prior to booking in as Dynamic Pilates cannot be held responsible for this decision or any injuries sustained should they arise (and we’re proud to say no injuries to date!)

The current way for you to join a Mum’s & Bub’s class is to get a group of new mums together and we will charge a flat fee of $130 per class, so the more who join, the more you save!

Unfortunately child minding is not available at our Manly studio.

Good news, yes you can! Reformer Pilates can be undertaken by anyone with prior experience up until the end of the 1st Trimester. We offer both Pre & Post Natal classes which are highly recommended through your 2nd and 3rd Trimester. For an expecting mother, the benefit of Pilates during pregnancy increases pelvic floor activation and strengthens the surrounding muscle areas to support pelvic stability, also improving flexibility and greater body awareness leading up to the special day! Our expert instructors in Pre & Post Natal will be invaluable throughout your journey, please contact us to discuss your needs individually so we can guide you accordingly

Once your baby starts to crawl, it will be difficult to keep an eye on your little mover! We recommend finding a babysitter to suit your workout schedule as unfortunately child minding is not available at our studios

If you plan to cancel your booking we require 12hrs notice to avoid you incurring a $10 late cancellation fee. Also if you don’t show at all then you forfeit your session and will not be refunded. Our morning and evening classes are in high demand and often have a waiting list, so it’s important you plan your busy schedule around your workout routine. Note that if you are running late and haven’t notified us and the class has started we will offer any available places to wait-list members who are in attendance, thus cannot guarantee your spot will be available once you arrive

Yes. Aside from offering session packs you can attend all our Reformer Tower classes casually. We recommend new clients purchase our current offer of 2 Classes for $20 for their initial introductory experience. Please see our Prices page for further information on casual rates and discounted session packs

We schedule many Beginners’ classes in our Manly studio. From time to time we recommend you book a Private Pilates session which is a great opportunity for clients to gain extra learnings and perfect your technique. Contact us for more information, including our current Introductory Private special for new clients.

There’s so much to tell! We’ve designed our 30 Day Challenge from the ground up and we know it Guarantees Results! On average participants lose 30cm’s across 9 combined target body areas and our record to date is over 60cm’s! We have a webpage that outlines the components of the Challenge and also includes two testimonials; one from a winning ‘Challenger’ and another from one of our instructors who wanted some extra discipline! If you’re after dramatic results in a short amount of time this is the Challenge for you! For more information on everything you need to know see our 30 Day Challenge page.

We know we offer an incredible range of classes to our clients but sometimes they simply want a Private, Duet or Semi-Private session with an instructor to fine tune their techniques and improve their postures. Our Private, Duet or Semi-Private sessions are expertly tailored direct to your needs so it’s important you phone us to discuss beforehand, this way we can align the right instructor with you. All three studios offer these services and further information can be found on our services pages.

This new member offer is incredible value – a must for any Pilates newcomer, and a great way to get your first taste of Reformer and Reformer Tower Pilates

Here’s how it works:

  1. Simply register and purchase online
  2. Book into your first class using your 2 Classes for $20 new member intro special
  3. Finally ensure you book into your second class within the same week to avoid expiry. For example if you booked into your first class on a Monday then you will need to book in to take your second class on or before the coming Sunday

Things to remember:

  • Reformer classes can be taken at Manly studio location
  • If you’re new and registering, you will need to purchase the 2 Classes for $20 special before purchasing any other packs or the 30 Day Challenge
  • As per our T&C’s any class not used within the 7 days will be forfeited and not refunded
  • Only one 2 Classes for $20 special per member

To purchase this great offer go to our pricing pageOr if you have any further questions contact us.

Includes our Reformer Tower Pilates, Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates, and Virtual LIVE Pilates classes. The Essential Weekly Membership is limited to two classes per week while the Deluxe Weekly Membership is limited to one class per day throughout our studio locations. It’s a direct debit membership where you have the flexibility of choosing your desired start date, after which future renewal payments are taken 7 days after the last payment. With our Weekly Membership you can only ever book classes 7 days in advance inclusive, for example if you selected this membership on a Sunday then you will only be able to book classes up to the coming Saturday


  • Minimum one month commitment
  • Commitment is on going and doesn’t expire
  • Cancellation is required in writing four weeks in advance
  • Can be put ‘on hold’ with one week notice upon being notified in writing (on hold period is minimum two weeks). $10 administration fee applies
  • Late cancellation fee $10 (12 hours)

Further information on our Prices.

The Australian Private Medical insurance providers have ceased affiliation with Pilates services, however Dynamic Pilates is affiliated with PAA (Pilates Alliance Australia), the major governing body for Pilates in Australia

We’re here to help and if you need to contact us about anything feel free to do so via TelephoneEmail or our Facebook page. Alternatively drop us a message via our website