Dynamic Pilates April 30 Day Challenge Winner Shares The Secret to Her Success

Two Reformer classes and a chance meeting with our Challenge Co-ordinator, Dinah was all it took to convince Breanna Searle to sign up for the Dynamic Pilates 30 Day Challenge in April! 30 days later she won it… and with amazing results!

Since winning the Challenge things have been pretty busy for Breanna with a marriage proposal! Congratulations Breanna! And a trip to Europe with a new red bikini in her suitcase. But she took some time out to send us this photo taken in Praiano, Italy and share her 30 Day Challenge experience with us…

Q. What made you decide to do the 30 Day Challenge?

As fate would have it, as a stranger I actually ran into Dinah (Dynamic Instructor and 30 Day Challenge Co-ordinator) randomly on the street at night on my way home and we got chatting. I’d already bought the 2 Classes for $20 intro pack and our by chance meet solidified doing the challenge for me (I was also going to Europe a couple of weeks after it ended so there an added incentive!).

Q. What did you enjoy most about the Challenge?

Accountability. In the past I’ve not been good with self-discipline so actually writing an honest food diary and sending it in for feedback helped a lot! Dinah’s variety in recipe ideas was great inspo as well on the Facebook page.

Q. What was the hardest part of the Challenge for you?

At the start, socialising! It was a tough adjustment not drinking and sharing food with friends especially with a friend’s farewell and my birthday falling into this time frame. I amazed myself with my self-control and discipline. (not for my birthday… I definitely cheated for that).

Q. Any advice for other people considering trying Reformer Pilates and the 30 Day Challenge?

Plan your classes and food shops. If you set yourself up with good prep it makes a world of difference during the week.

Don’t beat yourself up for slipping up with the food plan! Tomorrow’s a new day, consistency is key.

Q. What’s next now you have won the Challenge?

Undoing all the hard work in Europe for 5 weeks! When I return home I’ll be back into it all!