– Pilates with a Twist –

Ed Botha

“The Lateral Flexion & Rotation of the Method”

28th July 2018  |  11:00-16:00  |  Manly Studio

Pilates with a Twist is a journey into the lateral flexion and rotational movements of the Pilates Method, drawing from classical to evolved Pilates interpretations.  Explore unique movements essential for form and function. This workshop covers foundation level Pilates as well as the most challenging repertoire and is suitable for all levels. Correct movement patterns are essential in safe function of the spine and the workshop will ensure that lateral flexion and rotation are prepared for, and performed safely using the Pilates Method

Early bird price of $220 until 16th June

– Shoulder Mechanics –

Meredith Rogers

Correct Mechanics of the Shoulder Girdle”

6th October 2018  |  11:00 – 16:00  |  Manly Studio

This workshop focuses on the correct mechanics of the shoulder girdle particularly relating to the Pilates repertoire. Immaculate control and sequencing of movement are essential in this method. Higher-level Pilates challenges, coupled with everyday activities demanding shoulder involvement can easily create negative movement patterns and compensations.  Poor shoulder stability, mobility and correct patterning of movement are certainly the most frequently encountered dysfunctions amongst clients

Early bird price of $290 until 31st July

About Ed Botha, BASI Faculty (South Africa, Australia)

Ed Botha is a BASI Pilates Faculty Instructor and joined the Dynamic Pilates team after relocating to Sydney from Cape Town, South Africa where he previously owned and ran a successful Pilates studio business. Ed has been teaching BASI Pilates for the past 16 years and has a keen interest in human movement, which started initially with the practice of martial arts. Over the course of the past 16 years Ed has worked with a range of clients from top-tier athletes to being widely known for his expertise in BASI Pilates and is a highly accredited member of the BASI Pilates faculty, making him a face many already recognise and trust in the industry, which has enabled him to travel the world teaching Pilates courses and workshops in the USA, Australia, UK, Italy, Greece, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey and London. Ed is Sydney’s BASI Instructor and currently leads BASI Teacher Training and Workshops at Dynamic Pilates while also taking Private and Semi-Private sessions and of course instructs regular Pilates classes at our Manly Studio

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About Meredith Rogers, BASI Faculty (USA)

Meredith is well respected in the Pilates industry. Meredith has been accredited by BASI Pilates since 2000 and joined the BASI Faculty in 2007. As a proud senior faculty member she relishes the opportunities she has been given to share the Pilates method and the BASI technique with students all over the globe. Meredith is a regular presenter for the online Pilates program, Pilates Anytime. Born and raised in Lake Tahoe, Meredith is passionate about all things athletic. As a child she competed in soccer and downhill skiing. Meredith discovered the Pilates method to rehabilitate a knee injury and immediately fell in love with the method. She then went on to complete her BASI Comprehensive training. The rest is history! Now based in California, Meredith travels the world sharing her love of the Pilates method. When she isn’t practicing Pilates or teaching, Meredith continues her loves of sport with swimming, hiking and snow sports. BASI Faculty and Dynamic Pilates Instructor, Ed Botha knows Meredith well and is thrilled Meredith is visiting Australia once again; “Meredith brings  a unique style and athleticism to BASI Pilates. I can’t wait for her to share her wealth of knowledge with the Sydney Pilates community”.

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