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Welcome to Dynamic Pilates

Centrally located in Manly on the Northern Beaches, we are excited to bring you a new style of challenging Studio and Reformer Pilates workouts guaranteeing you great results and FAST! Our Manly Pilates Studio location speaks for itself, the perfect combination of beach and fitness, services the immediate and surrounding suburbs of Queenscliff, Fairlight, Balgowlah and Freshwater. 

Classical vs Contemporary Pilates

Contemporary Pilates is a modernized version of Joseph and Clara Pilates’ work. Dynamic Pilates respectively honours the classical repertoire and the essence of the Pilates’ philosophy with adaptive contemporary enhancements, experience and scientific knowledge. Well-being is our ultimate goal. Dynamic Pilates makes commitments to our members to continually grow in substance, striving to be true to the Pilates art, science, and knowledge and to the intentions of its before mentioned founders. In pursuit of this goal, every level of the human condition will be addressed to better each of you. Dynamic Pilates Instructors are of the highest calibre and befitting to uphold the high standards put in place through the work of Joseph and Clara Pilates.

Dynamic Pilates Cadillac

The Dynamic Pilates Style: Studio & Reformer Pilates

Dynamic Pilates - Reformer

Dynamic Pilates classes are offered on a variety of machines including Reformer, Spine Corrector, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and Ladder Barrel. Our group Reformer classes take your workout to the next level by providing additional resistance to your mat routine by rapidly increasing tone, strength and flexibility. The Cadillac is an anti-gravity workout that features leg springs, arm springs, fuzzy loops to hang from, a push-through bar to stretch out and even a trapeze! Meanwhile the Wunda Chair simply consists of a seat and a pedal with connected springs that can be used to increase resistance. And finally, Ladder Barrel is a core conditioning piece that adds core strength and flexibility to the Pilates enthusiast. 

The Dynamic Difference

Participating in our classes is one of the best ways to experience the true definition of of Dynamic Pilates. We know exactly how to apply it through excellence in precision and application of correct technique. Aside from decades of knowledge and continuous learning, our instructors originate locally from within Australia and further abroad from the United States, Europe, England and South America, and bring with them the best skills in Studio and Reformer Pilates.We are the top in Sydney and pride ourselves on delivering you an unparalleled experience unlike any other. Our programmes is the most intense and highly effective which will give you slimmer, healthier muscles and help you achieve a healthy posture.

Our new member promotion 2 classes for $20 is great for those who want to experience true Dynamic difference!

Dynamic Pilates Spine Corrector
Dynamic Pilates Wunda Chair

Membership and Pricing Value

By simply purchasing any of our Casual, Weekly, Discounted Pilates Session Packs or Private/Duets/Semi-Private Session Packs, you receive the flexibility of booking into either of our fantastic studios. All you need to do is browse the relevant Manly studio timetable and book!

BASI Pilates Instructor Training & Accreditation

Dynamic Pilates is honoured and proud to be chosen by BASI Pilates to be the Sydney host for their Pilates Teacher Training and Accreditation Programs. BASI Pilates education programs provide a quality and thorough platform for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge in Pilates, or become a fully qualified Pilates instructor. Renowned BASI Faculty Member Ed Botha will be your Instructor when undertaking any BASI accreditation program with us.