The Dynamic Pilates 30 Day Challenge


Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced Pilates instructor, our comprehensive 30 Day Challenge is a great way to increase your fitness levels, clean up your diet, strip away those extra cm’s and achieve a longer, leaner body and above all else feel absolutely fantastic! We’ve carefully tailored a programme that is second to none, ever evolving and adoptive of the modern techniques in today’s competitive fitness market. Our results speak for themselves with an average of 30cm’s lost across 9 targeted body areas – and we’ve even had a past winner lose over 60cm’s!

What’s Involved?

1. The Classes

It’s 20 Reformer, Tower or Virtual LIVE Pilates classes over 30 days. You choose from the timetable for the classes you wish to attend and have the option to train at our Manly or Virtual LIVE studios. We suggest 5 classes a week and 2 rest days but you can tailor to fit your weekly schedule. There is an option to have measurements taken at beginning and end to track your progress.

2. The Diet

Take note, the Nutrition component is quite strict! But it’s only for 30 days and that’s the way to see the cm’s fly off! Dynamic Pilates has fine tuned the optimal diet for our Challenge, which we call Transform & Cleanse, designed for those with a goal of strength and wellness, your body will love you for it! Dynamic Pilates will be supporting you through the nutritional journey within the Challenge and will be there to answer questions, and in doing so able to closely monitor your intake and suggest alternatives along the way. You will keep weekly food diaries too, and not to forget we can even offer past recipes and tips on clean eating if required, so you can create healthy habits for during the Challenge and beyond!

3. Your Results

Firstly we measure 9 key target areas of your body the week before the Challenge start, including the all important Biceps, Hips, Chest, Stomach, Bust, Thighs and Waist areas, and keep this as your baseline to track improvements. Then at the end of the 30 days we take your final measurements and tally up the results. Most of our Challenger’s see an average loss of 30 cm’s across the 9 body areas, however our record to date still stands at over 60 cm’s! We don’t weigh you but you are welcome to do this at home. During the Challenge we send you helpful, motivational emails to keep you on track and are available for phone consultations to offer guidance along the way. Be sure to inform your class instructors you’re participating in the 30 Day Challenge and they’ll push you that little bit harder to drive those target results!

4. The Prize

Well of course the real prize is the “new” you and getting into those jeans again but Dynamic Pilates offers a range of studio session packs to each Challenge winner. Check the current promotion for prize details.

5. Cost & Value

Our 30 Day Challenge consists of over $600 in value however is discounted to $495 and includes:


We at Dynamic Pilates are committed to achieving a longer, leaner, cleaner you. We asked Sonya, a recent 30 Day Challenge winner, a few questions on her experience and here’s what she said..
1. Why did you decide to try Reformer Pilates?
I had a fall on the stairs at home about 6 months ago which knocked my pelvis out of alignment, resulting in chronic pelvis instability and muscular imbalance through my glutes, lower back and hip. My Chiropractor recommended Reformer Pilates to rebuild my core strength and to bring muscular balance back into my body. She also knew that as an ex powerlifter and someone who likes to workout using strength and power, that Reformer Pilates would keep me challenged mentally and physically
2. What benefits have you experienced since you started doing regular Reformer Pilates classes?
Where to start!! So many. My pelvis is now stable and no longer pops in and out of alignment, this means I’m pain free, more agile and a whole lot happier (this has been a noticeable difference according to my family!). My core is working again and my body is much more balanced and aligned. And I’ve found a way to exercise again that challenges me without putting my body under unnecessary stress and strain.
3. What made you decide to do the Challenge?
I’ve always been an all or nothing girl so given the need to re-strengthen and rehab my body; the timing of the Challenge was perfect for me. I knew that if I committed to 5 Pilates sessions a week for a month I was giving my body the best chance possible to heal and rebuild in as quick a time as possible. The desire to be pain free and agile was a big driver. I really went into the Challenge for that reason and considered any loss of cm’s a bonus.
4. What did you enjoy most about the Challenge?
Everything!!! The support of the Dynamic Pilates team was fantastic, meeting and getting to know other Challengers at sessions was really great and kicked the competitive side of me along and most importantly my body shape changed and strengthened in a way it never had before. I followed the Food Plan and enjoyed the increase in energy, loss of cm’s and the loss of bloating and inflammation my body had been struggling with.
5. What was the hardest part of the Challenge for you?
The hardest part for me was recognising how underdeveloped my small stabiliser muscles were! After years of training hard, fast and heavy my big global muscles totally dominated and learning how to switch them off and focus on strengthening my small muscles (hello inner thighs!) has been really hard. But I know that it’s been through letting go of old habits and leaning into a new way of exercising that my body shape has changed so much and has created much more balance and a new kind of strength.
6. Any advice for other people considering trying Reformer Pilates and the 30 Day Challenge?
Do it! I wish I’d tried Reformer Pilates a long time ago; my body would be carrying less injuries and weaknesses if I had. Reformer Pilates challenges me mentally and physically which is really important to me and knowing there’s so much room to improve and different levels to progress through keeps me switched on. And the 30 Day Challenge was a great way for someone like me to fast track from Beginners classes to Intermediate and to fast track my rehab. The food plan also gives your digestive system a chance to reset which we all need to do from time to time!
7. What’s next now you’ve won the Challenge?
I’ve moved myself on to Intermediate classes now which is has really upped the ante and is providing me with constant challenges in each class. Pilates is now a crucial part of my weekly schedule and I aim to attend a minimum of 3 classes a week. I’ve still got a way to go with strengthening my weaknesses and bringing my body back to a balanced, consistently pain free place and it’s awesome to be able to use Reformer Pilates to keep me strong and agile at the same time. Thanks to all of the Dynamic Pilates team for supporting, encouraging and challenging me – you guys rock!!
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